Iran announced a strike on Israel, for the elimination of a high-ranking scholar of the Islamic Republic

Iran announced the preparation of a missile strike on Israel, in response to the elimination of the nuclear scientist.

A few hours ago, Israeli special services liquidated a high-ranking nuclear scientist in Iran who helped Iran to obtain nuclear weapons. In response to such actions of Tel Aviv, Tehran announced the preparation of a missile strike on the territory of the Jewish state - in a similar way, Iran acted during the attack on American bases in Iraq, destroying them a few days later by launching ballistic missiles.

Despite the fact that Iran has no evidence that Israel is behind the liquidation of Mohsen Fakhrizade near the Iranian capital, experts draw attention to the fact that only Tel Aviv was capable of such actions, moreover, just a few days ago Israel prudently closed airspace over the occupied Golan Heights.

According to experts, Tehran will take the decision to launch missile strikes, and the latter may well be nuclear, within the next 72 hours, and, apparently, it could be about several dozen ballistic missiles fired at the territory of the Jewish state.

"Iran has already demonstrated its determination against the United States, and therefore the strike on Israel does not raise any doubts at all - the only question is its effectiveness.", - the expert marks.

According to some reports, Israel has already begun deploying additional air and missile defense systems on its territory.

We didn’t want to buy С400, let us check what their interceptors are capable of.

Iran is Persians, not Arabs

At least 1000 years will pass but the Arabs will never agree to the existence of Israel ...
And therefore, either these or these those. But since there are an order of magnitude more Arabs, the result is obvious ...

America needs this to attack Iran.

Iran has the strength and ability to erase this state from the map.

Iran has no nuclear weapons.

Jews have a short memory. Forgot how many times they had to flee from the territory of Canaan.

There are also dirty nuclear weapons. And Iran has a huge amount of nuclear waste. And there are enough nuclear charges.

2011 year.

In the event of an attack on Iran, 150 missiles will be fired at Israel, Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi said.

Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi said that in the event of an attack on his country, 150 missiles will be fired at Israel, Yediot Ahronot writes.

Speaking to volunteer soldiers in Bushehr, Wahidi said: "Iran is not Afghanistan or Iraq. If the Americans make this mistake and attack us, we will show them how to fight." At the same time, he added that “Israel should be punished for its actions in Palestine and Lebanon.

An editorial in the Iranian newspaper Kayhan, a newspaper directly overseen by the apparatus of Iran's spiritual leader, warned in 2010 that if Iran were attacked, nuclear explosions would follow in American cities.