Iran attacked Israel with Shahed 238 drones

In response to growing tensions in the Middle East, Iran has stepped up the use of drones in its military strategy against Israel. According to the latest information obtained by Sky News Arabia from a source in the Iranian security authorities, the attacks involve kamikaze drones of the Shahed 238 type.

The use of Shahed 238 drones, known for their ability to carry explosives and carry out precision strikes, underscores Tehran's seriousness in the current conflict. These drones pose a significant threat due to their technical capabilities and ability to penetrate deep into enemy territory.

For its part, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) confirmed the use of drones by Iran and noted that all military units are on high alert. In response to these challenges, Israeli air defense systems were mobilized to intercept and neutralize the threat from the air.

According to journalists, by 1:00 Moscow time, Israel and its allies managed to shoot down about 180 drones; another part did not reach Israeli territory, due, presumably, to the active operation of electronic warfare equipment.


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