The ship is on fire


Iran attacked Israeli ship in Indian Ocean

Iran attacked an Israeli ship with a cruise missile.

An Israeli merchant ship was attacked in the Indian Ocean a few hours ago. The latter reportedly left the port of Jeddah, however, several hours later it was hit by an unknown cruise missile. At the moment, the Iranian military is suspected of this.

As follows from the information of the Lebanese news agency "Al-Mayadin", the merchant ship was attacked after entering the waters of the Indian Ocean. At the same time, there were no Iranian warships nearby that could carry out an attack, and therefore an attack using an unmanned aerial vehicle is not excluded.

Among other things, a number of Middle Eastern experts have suggested that Yemeni rebels, armed with long-range attack unmanned aerial vehicles, could well have been behind the attack on the Israeli ship.

Judging by the photo, the impact caused serious damage, but at the same time there is no data on the injured crew members to date.

Since the beginning of this year, this is at least the third attack on Israeli ships in the region.

God forbid, Petrov and Boshirov will be pinned to this story.

Israel has made many mistakes during its existence and continues to believe that all issues with its neighbors can be resolved by force, and only by force. The neighbors have learned these lessons and will also resolve all issues by force. Allah is great. Lord, for everything Thy Will, Save, Preserve, and Have mercy.

was it EXACTLY a civilian ship? you can camouflage anything under a civilian ship ...



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