Iran ship attack


Iran attacked an Israeli naval vessel in response to the destruction of Iranian nuclear facility at Natanz

Iran launched a missile attack on an Israeli ship.

A few hours ago, the Iranian military launched a missile attack on an Israeli naval vessel off the coast of the United Arab Emirates. According to preliminary data, the target of the Iranian military was a military vessel carrying weapons, however, later it became known that we are talking about a civilian sea vessel "Hyperion", which allegedly received very serious damage.

According to information available to the news agency, the attack on the Israeli ship was carried out using an unmanned aerial vehicle, but there are other versions of how the attack was carried out.

“A number of Israeli resources immediately reported an attack on the Israeli ship Hyperion off the coast of the United Arab Emirates. The ship is said to have been attacked by either a missile or a UAV. Earlier, the head of the Iranian Foreign Ministry promised to take revenge on the organizers of the accident in the power distribution network at the nuclear facility in Natanz, "- reports the Telegram-community" Military Journal ".

This is at least the third Israeli ship to be attacked by Iran, signaling an escalation of escalation.

Yes, the escalation is escalating. But the attack on the ship does not go in comparison with the destruction of the newest cenrefuges at Natanz. Mosquito answer.