Iran attacked ships that tried to hijack its ship

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps repelled an attack on an Iranian ship in the Red Sea.

Ships that tried to attack an Iranian vessel in the waters of the Red Sea were attacked by the forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran. It is known that a group of unknown ships attempted to attack an Iranian vessel, on board of which, presumably, there were weapons, but Iranian warships that immediately arrived at the scene were able to repel the attack and put the unknown to flight.

The Iranian Navy rescued an Iranian ship from "unidentified" boats after armed clashes in the Red Sea last night, state television IRIB reported on Wednesday. Speaking in a television interview on Wednesday, Rear Admiral Mustafa Tajoddini, deputy commander of the Iranian Navy's strategic operations, said the navy immediately moved to the scene after receiving a call for help from an Iranian ship that had been attacked by unidentified boats. According to Tajoddini, after a fierce exchange of fire with the attacking boats, the Iranian Navy escort group, led by the domestic destroyer Jamaran, managed to save the ship, forcing the invaders to retreat., the Xinhua news agency reported, citing Iranian sources.

By the current hour, there are no details from the Iranian military on this matter, but earlier Iran sent at least two warships to the Gulf of Aden after more frequent attacks on Iranian ships carrying goods to neighboring Syria, as well as weapons for Yemeni rebels.

Recently, the number of attacks on Iranian ships has increased, while several parties are suspected of attacks at once - the US military, Saudi forces, as well as Israeli units.