Iran attacked an unknown plane in its airspace. Video

Iranian air defense systems attacked an unknown plane.

A few hours ago, Iran’s air defense systems were activated due to the appearance of an unknown aircraft in the country's airspace. It is known that at least two anti-aircraft guided missiles were fired for the target, however, it was not possible to hit the aircraft

On the presented video frames you can see directly the target itself, for which fire was opened, however, at the moment it remains unknown what exactly the Iranian air defense systems tried to bring down - they failed to identify the target visually or by air defense systems.

At the moment, it is known that the unidentified aircraft did not express any aggression, although it violated Iranian airspace, which, in turn, may indicate the use of a reconnaissance aircraft, including the latest American drones, although no official comments have been made by the United States on this subject.

Experts note that the detected air target was also previously seen in the airspace of Iran, however, until yesterday, it was not possible to detect it with air defense systems, although the object was visually observed in the evening and at night.

It should be noted that a few days earlier, Iran put its air defense systems and coastal missile systems on high alert, which does not exclude the likelihood that Tehran was preparing precisely for the destruction of this air target and a possible attack from the United States.