Iran urgently deployed dozens of missile systems on the coast of the Strait of Hormuz, threatening the United States with war. Video

Iran threatens the United States to start a war in the coming days.

After aggressive statements from the United States to the official Tehran, the Iranian authorities deployed dozens of missile systems along the coastline of the Strait of Hormuz (anti-aircraft missile systems and coastal missile systems - approx.ed.), Threatening the United States with the stopping of the movement of any ships through the Strait of Hormuz.

On the video footage presented, taken a few days ago, you can see that Tehran's intentions are very serious, since with the small width of the Strait of Hormuz, Iran can easily gain control over the entire passage, while today Iran has long-range air defense systems capable of hitting aircraft and drones within a radius of 180-200 kilometers, which indicates the readiness of the Islamic republic to start a war with the United States despite the coronavirus pandemic around the world.



It should be clarified that Donald Trump had previously stated that Iran would pay a high price for the attack on the US military in neighboring Iraq, although Trump did not show any evidence of the direct involvement of official Tehran in the attacks on the US military. Nevertheless, given the withdrawal of American aircraft carriers, on board of which cases of infection with coronavirus infection were recorded, the United States actually remains without significant force.

According to experts, this is the second round of tension in relations between the United States and Iran since the beginning of this year.

And the main thing in all this is that super-cheap Saudi oil will not get to buyers. Hooray to Iran!