Iran is preparing to strike a powerful blow with the FAJR-5 system directly on Baku

Due to the rash actions of Azerbaijan, Iran is ready to unleash attacks on Baku.

The continuing intensification of tension on the border between Azerbaijan and Iran has led to the fact that Iran is ready to launch a massive missile strike using FAJR-5 systems directly at Baku. This is evidenced by the deployment by Iranian forces of at least six long-range multiple launch rocket systems in the zone of destruction of the Azerbaijani capital.

Baku continues to make very harsh statements about Tehran, apparently not realizing the consequences of clashes with the army of the Islamic republic. At the same time, the FAJR-5 multiple launch rocket systems, which have a target destruction range of up to 75 kilometers with a missile caliber of 333 mm, are far from the only Iranian weapons deployed on the border with Azerbaijan. By the current hour, there is still unconfirmed information that the forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps have deployed at least ten tactical missile systems along the border with Azerbaijan, not to mention several dozen systems of rocket and cannon artillery, more than a hundred armored vehicles, etc.

“Direct insults addressed to Tehran are completely unacceptable, and given that Baku also threatens to crush Iranian forces, this may even lead to Iran being the first to strike at Azerbaijan, destroying most of the country's military facilities and Baku itself in a matter of minutes. ", - the specialist notes, stressing that Azerbaijan is armed with not so many air defense systems that can effectively cope with the weapons of the Islamic republic.

At the moment, various provocations are observed on the border, however, none of the parties risks going into a direct conflict.

The distance from Baku to the nearest border of Iran is over 150 km. How can these missiles, having a range of 75 km, reach Baku? What nonsense is this Armenian provocateur talking about? Iran will never go to confrontation in Azerbaijan! There are over 30 million Azerbaijanis in Iran!

Gentlemen, you probably forgot about Iranian Azerbaijan ...
Any Iranian attack will be the beginning of the collapse of Khomeinist Iran

The author definitely has a Yerevan registration ...

And what planet is this all happening on? Where have you dug up such nonsense?

Or maybe it is useful to show Baku that they do not rule the worlds. And one cannot always hope for Turkey. Immediately and wilted.

An article from a person who does not understand anything about politics and relations between Iran and AzResp.

first write every feeling, see the map and the distance between Iran and Baku

One should not pass off wishful thinking as reality. No one in Azerbaijan has ever allowed himself to make incorrect statements about the people or the leadership of Iran, even after frank deliveries from the Iranian side to the warring side.

Another false provocative article in the style of the Gurginians. 1) Iran supported Azerov in the Karabakh war. 2) Iran and Azerbaijan do not pursue an aggressive policy, 3) Iran and Azerbaijan have sufficient military potential to defend themselves. So, don't wait ...

Again, Armenians muddy the waters through their resources and controlled media in Russia

It would be nice if their intentions were not empty ...

In Moscow, prices for seeds will start to rise :)

Would you even bother to look at the map - at the shortest point from the border to Baku is 180 kilometers

where did you get this information. Someone is wishful thinking.