Iran wants to buy a fleet of "aircraft carrier killers" from China

Iran and China are negotiating the sale of 80 missile ships to Tehran.

Since the biggest threat to Iran today is the US fleet, namely aircraft carriers, it became known that Iran's earlier interest in Chinese missile ships led Tehran and Beijing to close a deal to sell the Islamic Republic of an entire fleet of "aircraft carrier killers", namely 80 missile ships.

It is known that a deal between Beijing and Tehran is being discussed at the moment, however, in Washington, trying to prevent a threat to its aircraft carriers and other ships, they intend to ban the deal.

Project 022 missile ships have high speed and carry 8 cruise anti-ship missiles, one salvo of which is more than enough to inflict critical damage to an aircraft carrier. Having adopted 80 project 022 missile boats, Iran can gain enormous naval power, since with a range of YJ-83 missiles of 120 kilometers, it will be possible to deal with almost any maritime threat.


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