Iran wants to buy Russian combat aircraft

Iran expressed its intention to acquire at least two types of Russian military aircraft.

According to some information from the information resource Avia.pro, it is mainly about buying fighter aircraft MiG-29 and fighters Su-30, which are currently very effectively suitable for operation by Iranian air forces. It should be clarified that Russian aircraft satisfy Iran not only with high reliability and practicality of use, but also at a fairly attractive price, much lower than that of its Western counterparts.

Nevertheless, at the moment there is no talk about signing a contract, as active negotiations are being held in this regard, however, Russian experts are confident that Iran intends to purchase at least 24 aircraft for its needs, especially given the fact that Part of Iran's military combat aircraft is already very morally obsolete, and to maintain combat capability, the Air Force of this country intends to qualitatively approach the renewal of military equipment.


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