Anti-ship missile


Iran: Israeli ships will be drowned in the Strait of Hormuz without warning

Iran announced its readiness to sink Israeli ships in the Strait of Hormuz.

According to information provided by Tehran, the appearance of Israeli warships in the waters near the borders of Iran will be regarded as an occasion to start a war, in connection with which, any presence of the Israeli Navy in the Persian Gulf will be positioned as a military threat, which Iran is ready to react to as radically as possible .

“A statement on the prospects of war in the event of an Israeli military presence off the coast of Iran was made by Rear Admiral Ali-Reza Tangsiri, Commander of the Navy of the IRGC. He warned that "any illegal Zionist presence in the waters of the Persian Gulf could lead to war." The words of Rear Admiral are cited by the Lebanese television channel Al-Mayadeen, which is close to the Lebanese Hezbollah group loyal to Tehran. ”- reports Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

It should be clarified that Israel does not have any significant fleet, while Iran deployed its coastal missile systems and air defense systems along the coast, which pose a threat even to NATO ships and aircraft, and therefore, if they want to create in Israel another provocation at the Iranian borders, serious problems may begin at the Israeli Navy