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Iran bought abandoned American military equipment from Taliban

The Taliban sold military equipment abandoned by the United States to Iran.

Sources in Afghanistan report that most of the US military equipment left behind by the US army in the country has been sold by the Taliban to neighboring Iran. We are talking mainly about armored vehicles and off-road vehicles, however, there is also information that Iran acquired from the terrorists of the Taliban movement (banned on the territory of Russia - ed.) And spare parts of abandoned aircraft, which for a number of reasons cannot be used by the Taliban.

It is reported that the deal between the Taliban and Iran was not official. At the same time, it is noted that military equipment was sold at a relatively low price, since the Taliban who came to power in Afghanistan need financial resources, although at the same time other sources report that Iran, in turn, exchanged equipment for other weapons, which it was necessary for the Taliban.

So far, there are no official comments on this from Tehran, however, today Iran is the main adversary of the United States in the region, even despite the fact that negotiations are quite active between the two countries.

Experts believe that Iran can use American technology both for its own development of weapons and for copying American technology for its subsequent putting into service of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The Taliban sold the abandoned American equipment to Iran because they need funds. And then: Iran, in turn, exchanged this equipment for other weapons that the Taliban need. So bought or changed? Where did the financial need remain?



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