The aircraft SSJ-100


Iran to buy Russian planes, but in small quantities

Iran still buy more Russian planes SJS-100.

Contradictory information about this appeared the day before, and it is worth clarifying that earlier the news agency reported that Iran had completely refused to buy domestic passenger airliners Sukhoi SuperJet 100. According to new information, Iran still intends to purchase Russian aircraft, however, in small quantities. At the same time, the exact volumes of the purchase were not specified in the official statement - according to experts, most likely we are talking about 3-4 aircraft, while it was previously assumed that at least 20 aircraft would be delivered to Iran.

Experts suggest that a small number of purchased aircraft may be due to the need to test them, and therefore, it is likely that within a few years, Iran will still initialize the purchase of a large batch of SSJ-100 airliners.