The launch of missiles


Iran may attack Azerbaijan within XNUMX hours for desecrating Kassem Suleimani

Iranian national hero was desecrated in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan has insulted the memory of Qassem Soleimani, who was liquidated about two years ago by the American military on the territory of Iraq. As follows from the data presented, offensive photographs with a former military leader of Iran appeared in the Azerbaijani media, and in addition, unknown persons began to burn portraits of the former commander of the Al-Quds special forces as part of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Kassem Suleimani, which against the background of the concentration of several hundred tanks , multiple launch rocket systems and tactical missile weapons on the Iran-Azerbaijan border may well lead to a full-scale military conflict in the region.

“The Iranian press writes that with the simultaneous deployment of military equipment along the borders with the fake republic of Azerbaijan (literal translation), Baku began active anti-Iranian propaganda, in particular, portraits of the Iranian leadership and the guardian of the Iranian revolution are burned and desecrated. And the LGBT flag was superimposed on the portrait of the martyr Haji Kassem Soleimani ", - reports "Telegram" -channel "Baghramyan 26", referring to the Iranian edition of "Miran Press".

The Iranian authorities can react very seriously to the actions of Azerbaijan and attack the territory of this country if Baku does not understand the situation and refuse to take any measures.

"Such rash actions may well drag Baku into an armed conflict with Iran, since Tehran will not tolerate the antics of Azerbaijan, which has already been demonstrated during the Karabakh conflict, when Iran struck on the territory of Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijani military who staged provocations on the border.", - the expert marks.

No one denies the existence of great Armenia, many nationalities lived there, including Khayi, Kurds, Turkomans, Yezits, etc., all of them called themselves Armenians when they were asked where you came from, and the word Armenians is a Turkic word, meaning, Ar-Man, myan-Ya. but only Khayyi got this Turkic name. Each people living in Armenia could call itself by the name of the geographical area. So Hayi is in flight.

And from which finger is it sucked?

In world history there is Great Armenia, but there is no such country Azerbaijan. Soon you will become a part of Iran as it happened for 2600 years.

Oh, in vain you say that. Very ancient gosularity.

There is no country like Armenia, a false state

Yes Yes!!! Iran has no more problems. He just does not have enough to attack Azerbaijan !!

Yes, unfortunately they don't write the truth on our day, so you have to sit here ..

Iran will not dare to attack Azerbaijan, attacking Azerbaijan Iran will not wage a war against its northern neighbor, but will get involved in a war against Turkey and the Turkish world, and this and Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Pakistan and Israel will take part in this, and we must not forget that all this plays into the hands of the Anglo-Saxons, Iran could not defeat Iraq, so what can we say about the war with Turkey and Israel

Fake republic of Azerbaijan)))

If Iran starts a war against Azerbaijan, then the next day Iran will become Azerbaijan.

Tehran intends to withdraw its recognition of the so-called. "Azerbaijan Republic".
For the Persian name of the Iranian ostan (province) Ozarboyjan in 1918 was simply kidnapped by the Ottoman Turks and appropriated to the Baku
province, the Russian Empire, in order to create,
second, "little turkey".
Which, in fact, they managed to accomplish.
The situation is identical with the Macedonian toponymic plagiarism against Greece.

The Armenian portal avia pro after the defeat in Karabakh will not calm down in any way - Azerbaijan is trying to play it off with someone))

Baku has been lying under Istanbul for a long time and it is no secret that Erdogan fiercely hates the regime in Tehran ... Thus, the war between Baku and Tehran is the war between Istanbul and Tehran. Question! Which side will Russia and China take? And what about the US? The United States does not count a priori - Washington's map is beaten by the Treaty between Tehran and Beijing, but ... but Tel Aviv can intervene and it is on the side of Istanbul, and therefore Washington is back in the game. There is only one conclusion: - Baku's actions were planned in Washington , edited in Istanbul, and Azerbaijanis and Persians will have to die ...

the national Azerbaijani fairy tale is already ending, there is nothing more to invent.

the national Azerbaijani fairy tale is already ending, there is nothing more to invent.

The people in Israel can breathe a sigh of relief. The mullahs of Iran are not up to them ...
Iran has always had no time for them .. Their competitors are the USA and Saudi Arabia .. The aggressor is Israel .. Iran's plans are like a bone in their throat in their plans to enter the Black Sea .. The lands of Syria and Iran (Iran goes to the Mediterranean by political methods) in their way

Azerbaijan will be Iranian
And all the neighbors will support, because the ruthless arbitrariness hurts the economic interests of everyone in the region.

It is immediately obvious that you are very "professional" in journalism. You are working with a very serious source - Bagramyan Channel 26)))) The Armenian national fairy tale continues

South Azerbaijan never existed, and in general there was no Azerbaijan two centuries ago, this territory has always been Iranian.

Azerbaijanis! Do not be like the kafirs! You are Muslims too!

And what is the name of the country that peed on Armenia a year ago?

The Iranian authorities know that for two centuries they have been committing crimes against our people and the day is not far when we will liberate South Azerbaijan, regardless of the fact that Iran wants it or not. He will never dare to attack us, because he has a very large bomb behind him in the form of 35 million Azerbaijani population. He can dig a grave for himself with such an act.

Azerbaijan is part of the Persian Empire!
Azerbaijan will be Iranian! ))

The people in Israel can breathe a sigh of relief. The mullahs of Iran are not up to them ...

There is no state with such a name as Azerbaijan ... !!!