Iran may buy 100 Su-75 fighters

Iran could become the largest buyer of Russian fifth generation fighters.

Iran needs to modernize its air force and therefore in the near future may conclude a contract with Russia for the supply of hundreds of fifth generation fighters. The key to this is the fact that the Russian Su-75 is superior to the F-35 fighters, and thanks to the really low cost, the contract for the supply of fifth-generation light fighters will cost Tehran only $ 3 billion.

Earlier it became known that the Iranian authorities expect in the near future to purchase a large batch of combat aircraft worth about $ 3 billion, and in this case, the Russian promising light fighter of the fifth generation may be a really effective solution, especially since the Iranian Air Force is interested in in the acquisition of light combat aircraft.

“Having received the Russian Su-75s, Iran can easily deal with the Israeli Air Force, since the light Russian fifth-generation combat aircraft will surpass the F-35i Adir in its flight, technical and combat qualities. It should be assumed that Israel will in every possible way prevent the conclusion of such a contract. ", - the expert marks.

Earlier it was assumed that Iran could purchase a small batch of Su-57 fighters. Obviously, Tehran will be interested in purchasing the Su-75 fighters.

Who would doubt that!)

Let's buy for dates, Russians love very Iranian dates

friends of israel in russia won't let you buy

Well done.



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