The fighter Chengdu J-10


Iran could gain from China's modern frontline fighters

China can supply Iran with 24 modern fighter aircraft.

At present, active negotiations are being held on the transfer of the Iranian Air Force fighter aircraft, while the transfer of military aircraft will be held according to the experts' opinion on the terms of granting to China by the Iranian authorities a large oil field with the right to operate for 20 years. The estimated cost of a possible agreement is estimated by experts at more than a billion dollars, while at the moment the conditions are fully satisfied by both sides.

When Iran receives 24 new Chengdu J-10 fighters, the country's air forces will not only be able to fully control the waters of the Persian Gulf, but will also increase their combat effectiveness - most of the fighters operated by Iran have long been morally obsolete, while the production of Chinese aircraft. based on Soviet technologies, began to be conducted only a few years ago.

It is assumed that the final results of the negotiations will be announced in the fall.


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