Iran may receive a batch of Russian Su-35S from which Indonesia refused

A large batch of Su-35S fighters may be transferred to Iran instead of Indonesia.

The Su-35S fighters, which were abandoned in Indonesia, can be transferred to the Iranian Air Force. This information was provided by experts, noting that this allows the Islamic Republic to re-equip in a short time on one of the most modern combat aircraft. This is especially true for Tehran against the backdrop of the impending armed conflict with Israel.

At the moment, there is information that Indonesia was supposed to receive Russian Su-35S fighters in the near future, however, due to the fact that this country refused to conclude a contract, combat aircraft may be transferred to Iran, which is extremely interested in these fighters.

“Tehran has a unique opportunity to receive a large batch of Russian Su-35 fighters in the shortest possible time. Given the hell these warplanes have set up for the F-35 fighters, Israel will have to consider whether this country is ready to risk an attack on the Islamic Republic. ", - the expert marks.

Iran has not yet begun to voice plans for the likely purchase of Russian Su-35s, however, at the moment, the Islamic republic with a quick supply of combat aircraft can only be rescued by Russia.

why to Iran, I suggest this specialist, who commented on the news and only this year passed the exam at the parish school, to immediately offer the supply of these flying wooden balalaikas, for example, to Papua New
Guinea for local aborigines

Not ... not ... these are American offices.

Only Iran has problems finances sing romances

The United States is engaged in the supply of ISIS and Al Qaeda, which is logical, after all, they created them, Al Qaeda, to prevent the USSR from building a civilized state in Afghanistan, ISIS to destroy Shiite Iran ..

This would be the best way out of the situation, the United States does not allow our aircraft to be sold to Indonesia, then we will deliver them to Iran =)

The American-Israeli International is probably "happy" :)) So they "dissuaded" Indonesia ...

Why only Iran? Ayatollah, of course, is great, but then it would be necessary to throw something else at ISIS and Al Qaeda. Iskander, for example ... But Cho, they will pay, Inshallah, and this is the main thing.

Who will arrange hell for whom and what? The tactic of the Israeli Air Force is the massive destruction of enemy aircraft at its own airfields, without even giving the opportunity to take off. 1967 - hundreds of MIG-21 and TU-16 burned down at airfields ...