Rockets Caliber-K


Iran can arm its ships with unique Russian versions of "Calibers"

To protect its ships, Iran may acquire unique versions of the Russian Caliber missiles.

Against the backdrop of Israeli aggression against Iranian naval vessels heading for Syria, Tehran may equip its ships with unique versions of the Russian Caliber tactical missiles. We are talking about missiles transported in special sea containers - in the event of another aggression against its ships, Iran can easily launch a counterstrike on the territory of the Jewish state.

Today, Russia is ready to sell its weapons to Iran, and against the background of clearly hostile relations between Israel and Iran, Tehran is clearly interested in not only guaranteeing the safety of its ships, but also in attacking the aggressor.

As for the Russian missile systems, being installed in special sea containers, it is virtually impossible to detect them with standard reconnaissance means, which in the event of an official announcement by Iran about the adoption of these systems into service, may force Israel to think about plans to behave aggressively towards the Islamic republic, thus more, that on one sea vessel can accommodate about several tens to several hundred missiles "Caliber" in sea containers.

It should be noted that, according to the Israeli media, the Russian military began to provide security for Iranian civilian ships heading to Syria, but there is no official confirmation of this information from the Russian defense department.