Iranian tanks


Iran may send troops to Afghanistan

Iran is ready to free Afghanistan from the Taliban.

The Iranian authorities do not exclude the possibility of their troops entering Afghanistan in order to counter the terrorist activities of the Taliban. At the moment, official Tehran is categorically against the coming to power of the Taliban movement (a terrorist movement banned in Russia - editor's note). Nevertheless, if earlier Iran was confident that the resistance forces in Panjshir could change the situation on the territory of the country, then after it became known about the intervention in the conflict of neighboring Pakistan, Iran announced its readiness to conduct an investigation, and if so required situation, send troops to Afghanistan.

“We strongly condemn yesterday's attacks. The martyrdom of Afghan leaders is deeply regrettable. The news coming from Panjshir is very disturbing. Everyone should remember that the history of Afghanistan has proven that the only fate of foreign intervention is failure and defeat. Foreign interference is currently being studied. "- said Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian.

Experts believe that Tehran has no real intentions to send troops to Afghanistan, since this will lead to very serious consequences for the authorities of the Islamic republic, however, a confrontation may well begin between Iran and the Taliban.


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