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Iran intends to buy from Airbus and Boeing at least 80 aircraft per year

Iran intends to purchase at least 300 Boeing and Airbus passenger airliners.

By such actions, Iranian air carriers want to completely renew their fleet of aircraft, the average age of which is currently about 20-25 years. The purchase of passenger airliners will be made in parts - according to official data available from the news agency, the supply of aircraft will be extended for 4 years, and, according to updated information, about 80-90 aircraft will be delivered to Iranian air carriers per year.

In turn, the world's leading aircraft manufacturing companies, in particular Airbus and Boeing, expressed their full readiness to start cooperating with Iranian air operators, but did not rule out the possibility that in the near future passenger aircraft will not be able to be delivered due to the large number of existing orders. ...

It is necessary to clarify that earlier Iran announced that it intends to purchase several dozen Russian modern passenger aircraft, however, due to the information that has appeared, experts doubt that contracts for the supply of domestic SJS-100 и MS-21 will be large enough. 


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