Destroyed Turkish base


Iran struck Turkish military base after provocation with shelling of its positions

The Iranian military demolished a Turkish military base with missile strikes.

A massive attack on the Turkish military, who, during the evacuation from the base in the area of ​​the settlement of Morek, tried to fire at last the positions of the Syrian and Iranian military personnel, almost completely destroyed the Turkish observation post. For example, the news agency obtained unique photographs taken at the site of a former military facility in Turkey - only the walls remained at the base.

In the video footage presented, you can see that as a result of the strikes of the Iranian military, the tents and other infrastructure located at the military facility were completely destroyed, and one of the shells fired even broke through the wall, although it did not damage the special protective reinforced concrete plate.

The day before, in order not to repeat what happened, the Turkish military arrived at the destroyed observation post to inspect it together with the Russian military, and, probably, to evacuate the surviving property, although, judging by the destruction, most of the base's property was damaged by rocket attacks and fire.

According to the data available to date, Turkey plans to evacuate all of its military installations, which are surrounded by Syrian and Iranian troops.

The Turks, how they behave, have already climbed into the underbelly of Russia. They did not have a long time left, they took too much on themselves and made enemies. And for Russia they have always been enemies.

Mr. Putin is making the same mistake as the Americans in supporting the YPG / PKK. Turkey ended its 70-year relationship with the United States and Russia is now following in the footsteps of the United States. This is a strategic mistake. Russia will not benefit from YPG support, but will only destroy its strategic partnership with Turkey.