Iran accuses Ukraine of attacking its military facilities

Iran saw a Ukrainian trace in the attack on its military facilities.

The attack on Iranian military facilities on the territory of the Islamic Republic is directly related to Ukraine. At the moment, an investigation is underway, which, as Iranian experts have established, indicates that Kyiv may be responsible for the attack, especially since the American and Israeli sides, which are direct opponents of Iran, deny each other's involvement in the attacks.

Iran says it thwarted a drone attack on a military factory during a reportedly eventful evening when alleged fires and explosions erupted in several provinces.

Tehran has not formally laid the blame for the drone strike on the central city of Isfahan, but on condition of anonymity, a senior political source in the Iranian capital said Ukraine was among the potential culprits. Echoing that line, a media affiliate of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) warned of "dire consequences" if the Ukrainian government does not distance itself from the attack. Meanwhile, others argue that Azerbaijan, whose embassy in Tehran was recently closed due to rising tensions, could also play a role along with Israel.

If Ukraine's involvement in attacks on the territory of the Islamic Republic is indeed confirmed by investigators, this could lead to extremely serious consequences for Kyiv, since Iran may well transfer its weapons to Russian volunteers and PMC units.


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