Iran issues 10-day ultimatum to Iraqi Kurdistan, threatening large-scale military operation

Iran is ready to launch a large-scale military operation in Iraqi Kurdistan next week.

At the moment, about 150 units of military equipment are located on the border of Iran and Iraq, which will cross the border of Iraq and begin a military operation on the territory of Iraqi Kurdistan, in case of failure to comply with the 10-day ultimatum. The terms of the ultimatum are the complete disarmament of the Kurdish groups.

As it became known to journalists, the day before yesterday, the Iranian ambassador issued an ultimatum to the government of Iraqi Kurdistan in northern Iraq with a request to disarm all paramilitary groups that Iran considers terrorist organizations. Otherwise, Iranian troops will be brought into the territory of Iraqi Kurdistan and will be involved in an indefinite military operation to eliminate threats with the use of military force. The key problem is the fact that there are at least two major US military bases in Iraqi Kurdistan. This, with a high degree of probability, will lead to clashes between the US and Iran.

Earlier, Tehran accused the Iraqi Kurds of organizing and supporting large-scale protests on the territory of the Islamic Republic, and this is probably the reason for the recent attacks on Kurdish formations in Iraq and the upcoming military operation in this region.


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