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Iran refuses to let Russian military aircraft to Armenia

The Iranian authorities announced that they would not let Russian military aircraft enter Armenia through their airspace.

The Iranian authorities have officially announced that they do not intend to open their airspace to Russian military aircraft trying to enter the territory of Armenia. Today this is the only air corridor that allows connecting Russia with Armenia, and, apparently, this fact will very seriously limit Moscow's assistance to Yerevan.

The statement was made against the backdrop of the emergence of information that the authorities of the Islamic republic have allowed Russian military aircraft to enter the airspace of a neighboring state. Moreover, it is argued that until the end of the conflict, Iran does not intend to take steps of this kind and support one or the other side of the armed conflict.

“Iran did not open its borders to send Russian weapons to Armenia. Such statements are unfounded accusations "- said the head of the Iranian Defense Ministry in an interview with the Al-Jazeera TV channel.

It should be noted that at the beginning of the armed conflict, it was reported about the transfer of Russian MiG-29 combat aircraft, however, the information has not received any confirmation in this regard.

I agree, to begin with, to close the Food City and Gardener market for the prevention of COVID!

No one will ever know whether Iran was allowed or not. The press doesn't write about such things!

So it became possible for us to save face in case of a bad game, thanks to Iran.

And rightly so that they were not allowed, why help someone who is waiting for help from the West! Our Syrian troops have enough.

Here they are, friends and comrades. No one, us, does not care

Is Georgia a friendly state to Russia? What about peace enforcement in 2008? The Russian military base in Armenia is Brest Fortress # 2.

To do this, it must at least be in service, where it is not.

Ally in brackets why?

this is a turn, but who was going to the war?

Why so rude?
It is enough to invite Azerbaijani oligarchs to the Lubyanka for a conversation.

Does Iran know?)

A Zircon rocket with a speed of 8max will fly over Georgia in 5 seconds. And it will not even be noticed.

Georgia does not allow flights from Russia due to the 2008 war

And what does Georgia have to do with it? Arms supplies to Iran from Russia go by rail, first along the Caspian Sea to the seaport of Iran, and from there along the rails.

Probably because the corridor by sea and the only "ally" of the Russian Federation bordering with Armenia is Iran

And what does Georgia have to do with it? Arms supplies to Iran from Russia go by rail, first along the Caspian Sea to the seaport of Iran, and from there along the rails.

Because Iran is a "friendly" state to Russia, and Georgia is hostile, she will not miss it for sure.

They did the right thing that they didn't open.

What does Iran have to do with it if only Georgia separates the Russian Federation and Armenia?



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