Iranian Navy ship


Iran sent its warships off the coast of Israel

Iranian warships headed towards Israel.

A few hours ago it became known that a group of Iranian warships, located in the Atlantic Ocean, unexpectedly changed their course and headed for the waters of the Mediterranean Sea - according to Syrian information sources, Iranian ships can demonstrate to Israel their presence near the Israeli borders, moreover, the most likely is the call at the Syrian ports.

It is noteworthy that the Iranian ships sharply changed their course, and it was initially assumed that the latter were heading to Venezuela, after Israel announced the imminent start of a new military operation against the Gaza Strip, which does not exclude the possibility that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps will monitor the situation and may well intervene in the situation.

There are no official comments from Tehran on this matter yet, however, earlier Iran sent its warships to the Mediterranean Sea quite rarely. analysts do not exclude that Iranian warships may also be involved in a military operation against Turkish-backed jihadists, however, due to the lack of official statements, so far this version remains only a guess.

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