Iran has transferred at least 30 T-72S tanks to the border with Azerbaijan

Iran is ready to intervene in the conflict in Karabakh at any moment.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran has begun an emergency transfer of its T-72S tanks to the borders with Azerbaijan and Karabakh. We are talking about at least 30 combat vehicles, which constitute a very significant force, especially against the background of the fact that there are already about 40 tanks here. These actions of Iran are associated with Tehran's readiness to intervene in the conflict in Karabakh.

At the moment, Iran has deployed at least 70 tanks and more than 30 field howitzers near its northern borders, obviously preparing for a large-scale armed conflict. Taking into account the fact that Azerbaijan already controls the border between Iran and the territory of Karabakh, experts do not exclude that Tehran may oppose Armenia, but only in the event of attacks from Yerevan and in the event of shells falling on the territory of the Islamic republic.

On the other hand, Iranian tanks are located directly in the rear of the Azerbaijani army, in this connection. it is also possible that Tehran is ready to support Armenia, although at the moment the Islamic republic adheres to neutrality in this conflict.

There are no official statements from Iran on this score, however, it was previously reported that at least 70 missiles fell on the territory of the Islamic republic as a result of an unsuccessful strike by one of the parties to the conflict.