SAMS Hordad Syria


Iran threw Khordad-3 air defense systems to Syria - it was they who shot down an American strategic drone

Iran has begun deploying its air defense systems in Syria.

Iran’s recent statement on enhancing Syria’s air defense system by Iranian anti-aircraft missile systems is quickly being put into practice. At the moment, there is some information that an Iranian military transport plane landed in Syria, delivering at least three Khordad-3 air defense systems to the Arab Republic, deploying it in the eastern part of the SAR to counter enemy aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Earlier, the Khordad-3 Iranian air defense system had already managed to prove itself by hitting the American military strategic reconnaissance drone RQ-4, which plunged into Iranian airspace, and therefore there is a possibility that Iranian air defense systems will not fail , especially considering that their effective target range is up to 105 kilometers, which allows you to cover a huge area of ​​airspace.

According to some reports, which have not yet received official confirmation, Iranian air defense systems have been deployed at Iranian military facilities in the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor, which are increasingly being attacked by unknown aircraft and drones.