Iran's missile program


Iran has deployed ballistic missiles to Yemen, reaching anywhere in Israel

All Israeli cities have become potential targets for Iranian strikes.

After Israel's aggressive statements against Iran and the Yemeni rebels, the Houthis were suddenly armed with medium-range ballistic missiles capable of striking at distances of at least 2 thousand kilometers, which makes absolutely any point of Israel on the map a potential target.

The exact number of medium-range ballistic missiles put into service by the Yemeni rebels remains unknown, however. taking into account the regular strikes of the latter on the territory of Saudi Arabia, experts believe that we are talking about dozens, if not hundreds of missiles.

"Israel simply cannot control all possible directions of strikes, and given that American missile defense systems simply pass ballistic missiles without noticing them, it is logical to assume that Israel will not have much more chances of repelling a Houthi strike.", - the analyst underlines.

At the same time, the Houthis do not want to interfere in relations between Iran and Israel, however, they will be ready to support the Iranian side in the event of Israeli aggression against the Islamic Republic, which has been repeatedly emphasized by the Ansar Allah movement.

Dear Ron, I can only agree with your statement about Israeli intelligence (a very extensive network and involvement there is unobtrusively obligatory for the carriers of their culture).
As for the air defense, good successes have been achieved by the Israeli air defense of a short radius, such as the "iron dome" from 4 to 70 km. And that's it.
Iran has a powerful mobilization resource and the potential of the armed forces cannot be compared with the formations of Palestine, or with the Lebanese Hezbollah. Iran does not arm itself like Iraq (tanks were at the base) and tries to do its own thing, like copies of the best samples.
But Iran does not need a war and easing sanctions would help not to stimulate Iran to "drastic actions" .... I guess.

Quote: "The Houthis do not want to interfere with the relations between Iran and Israel ..."
- What is more ..? There is no doubt about that.
Iran is by no means the weakest country in this hot sandy region, but Israel is bombing them all the time ... It's a pity ... The region with warm seas is a potential source of income from tourism.

Tendentious review. The best missile defense systems in the world are Israeli. The same can be said about intelligence. When Iran's satellites Hezbollah, Houthis and other martyrs try to inflict damage on Israel, the geographical map of the Middle East will change greatly.

If they intervene, this will be their last day.