Iran donates 600 missiles to Armenia in case of war with Turkey and Azerbaijan

Armenia received the largest batch of missiles from Iran.

Against the background of the destabilization of relations between Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey, Armenia received a large batch of weapons from Iran. At the moment, it is known that we are talking about the supply of 600 missiles of two types to the armament of the Armenian army, which may well be used to cause serious damage to the Azerbaijani army in the event of a new armed conflict between Yerevan and Baku.

According to data provided by Iranian and Turkish sources, Armenia received 500 Dehlavieh missiles and 200 Almas missiles from Tehran. Dehlavieh missiles are missiles for anti-tank missile systems and have a target engagement range of up to 6 kilometers, which makes them a rather dangerous type of weapon.

Almas missiles are also anti-tank, however, they have a much greater range of hitting targets - up to 8 kilometers, moreover, such missile weapons have already proven themselves quite successfully in Yemen.

Earlier, Baku announced that they would not allow arming Armenia, to the point that this could provoke a new armed conflict between Baku and Yerevan, but Armenia received the missiles by smuggling.


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