Iran has seized control of American air defense in Iraq ... from a drone

Iran gained control of American air defense systems from a drone.

According to reports, the Iranian military has learned how to remotely hack the American Patriot air defense and missile defense systems. As evidence of this, photographs were published that showed how an Iranian unmanned aerial vehicle flies around the largest US military bases in neighboring Iraq, although taking into account the capabilities of the American Patriot air defense systems, the Iranian unmanned aerial vehicle should have been found at a distance of several tens of kilometers.

“Iran probably could gain access to American air defense systems from its drone. It can be a matter of specifically about Patriot systems, as well as of American radars in general, since a military unmanned aerial vehicle was not found at any military facility of the American army. ”- said the source.

Among other things, experts draw attention to the fact that a similar situation has already been observed in the airspace of Saudi Arabia, where Iranian military drones circled completely over the strategic objects of Saudi Arabia, but were not detected by any air defense systems.

How exactly the Iranian military managed to hack American air defense systems is unknown, however. To date, the arsenal of this country has a relatively large number of electronic warfare systems, which are quite likely. and played a key role in the disposal of American air defense

Russian electronic warfare measures use Magrav technologies (codenamed Khibiny), similar to those developed by Iranian-born nuclear engineer Mehran Keshe (the so-called Nikola Tesla of Our Days), who personally sent a letter to President Obama in 2012, warning him of the possibility of Iran turning the US aircraft carriers into floating bathtubs, and the American F-16 and F-18 aircraft into iron bird museums after using Magrav electronic technology. After that, these objects must be fully switched from A to Z before they can ever be able to work again. ”

And where do you think such technologies come from? :-D

so the Russian Federation and shared!

And will they share with Russia, our Iranian brothers in arms?

led by a drone Chinese Li Xi Qing