Iran intercepted the largest landing ship of the U.S. Navy. Video

The Iranian military intercepted an American combat landing ship and prepared to drown it.

The USS Bataan, a combat landing assault ship that appeared in the Strait of Hormuz, was successfully intercepted by the Iranian Navy when entering the Strait of Hormuz. The corresponding video frames were presented by the Iranian military, who accompanied the American warship throughout the passage along the strait, while the Iranian coastal missile systems deployed in the area could easily destroy the landing ship itself and the U.S. Navy warships accompanying it.

It is known that the US military did not express any aggressive actions when passing through the Strait of Hormuz, obviously well aware of the grave consequences of any provocation. No provocative actions were also noticed by the Iranian military, who only accompanied the warship that entered the region without any early warning about the purpose of its visit.

Earlier it became known that Iran deployed dozens of coastal missile systems along its entire coast, obviously intending to demonstrate to the United States its determination to stop any violation of its territorial waters, regardless of the cause.

Specialists, in turn, drew attention to the state of the American landing ship, which, judging by the presented video frames, is in far not the best condition.