Iran blows up the largest rocket factory in Israel

In response to attacks on the Natanz nuclear facility, Iran blew up a missile factory in Israel.

A few hours ago, a powerful explosion thundered at the country's largest rocket factory in Israel, the consequences of which could be observed from a distance of several tens of kilometers. According to the data available to the news agency, the incident occurred during the planned tests of Israeli weapons, however, the explosion was so powerful that it was definitely a sabotage.

In the video footage presented, you can see that the explosion is indeed powerful - according to experts, the Israeli army has no weapons, except for nuclear weapons, capable of causing such an explosion. At the same time, there is also no direct evidence of Iran's involvement in the incident.

“A powerful explosion occurred at a rocket factory near the city of Ramla in Israel. The incident occurred during routine tests, according to executives at the plant where the engines and other components are made. Whether there are victims is still unknown. In early April, the Iranian authorities announced that the sabotage had damaged a nuclear facility in Natanz. The Israeli authorities did not comment on this in any way, but there were reports in the media that this was the work of hackers from the country's special services. It is possible that Iran may be blamed for today's incident, presenting it as revenge for the operation in Natanz. ", - informs "Telegram" channel "Directorate 4".

The Israeli side has not yet given any official comments on this matter, however, it is obvious that the recognition of the act of sabotage by the Israeli special services will clearly affect the reputation and security of this country, especially after Tehran's threats to strike at the largest cities in Israel.

Well done however ...

At the same time, there is also no direct evidence of Iran's involvement in the incident.
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Admins! When will you already respect yourself? And won't you print any nonsense?

The article is fake. In the vicinity of Ramla there are no factories for rocket engines and their components, and in general, in Ramla, as in Lod, nothing happens except for Arab lawlessness.

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They have nothing else to do, to prove something on the portal with the Russians)))
And about the incident, one can only regret - Tourism and cooperation are more useful to humanity.

Why isn't Nathan comforting us? Let him talk about a common accident. Or is the training manual not ready yet? Nathan?