Shot down a drone


Iran revealed destroyed Israeli drones. Photo and video

Iran has demonstrated the success of its air defense systems.

The Mehr Iranian news agency published photos of Israeli, American and British unmanned aerial vehicles destroyed over Iranian territory. Most of the exhibits were exhibited by the Iranian military in honor of the events of the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980-1988 years, however, among the exhibits you can see Israeli, American and British drones that failed to get away from Iranian anti-aircraft missiles.

Of particular interest was the RQ-4 Global Hawk, an American strategic reconnaissance drone shot down several months ago, of course. However, other American drones are also present here, including the RQ-11A Raven, RQ-7 A Shadow 200, Desert Hawk I / III, RQ-4 Sentinel, Aerosonde, Scan Eagle, MQ-18 Predator A, and in addition, the Israeli UAV HERMES 200 and British Phoenix.

The demonstration of Iranian trophies became a kind of reminder that Iran is closely monitoring its airspace and is ready to tightly react to any violation of it, and modern air defense systems almost accurately flare down enemy enemy aircraft.

Photo Shoot: Al-Masdar News