Iran received fragments of an Israeli anti-missile missile to control Israel’s missile defense system

Iran has acquired an Israeli missile defense control system.

The rocket attacks that fell from Gaza into Israel were partially repelled by the Israeli Iron Dome missile defense systems, however, Palestinian leaders managed to take over the unique system of one of the Israeli missile defense systems, which, judging by the analysis of specialists, monitors the missiles in flight and guides them target.

Judging by the photographs presented, the detected device was not damaged at all, and it is alleged that it has already been transferred to the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, which enables Tehran to carefully study it to gain control of the Iron Dome missile defense systems.

“Having carefully studied such a device, Tehran will obviously be able to create an analogue, as well as check the protection of the anti-missile device for the effects of electronic jamming systems. Apparently this is a catastrophic incident for Tel Aviv, "after the loss of missile defense system" David Sling ", - the expert marks.

Israel has not yet commented on the loss of a missile defense for the Iron Dome missile defense system, but published photographs clearly demonstrate this fact.