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Iran promised to block the Strait of Hormuz

Iran threatens to block the Strait of Hormuz

Ali Reza Tangsiri, commander of the naval division of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, recalled that according to International Law, the Strait of Hormuz is a waterway. If Iran is unable to use it due to the sanctions imposed by the United States, the strait will be closed.

According to the newspaper The Washington Post, starting from the second of May the United States will not exempt from sanctions any of the countries that are now engaged in the import of Iranian oil.

A little earlier, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani made a statement. The president assured that if the United States prevents Iran from selling its own oil, the country will prevent oil exports from the Persian Gulf, and in addition, will close the passage through the Strait of Hormuz and American ships, including the military, which will weaken the US position in the region.