Iran tries to attack US nuclear submarine with its mosquito fleet

The nuclear submarine of the US Navy was attacked by the Iranian Navy.

A few hours ago, 13 high-speed boats of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, armed with missiles, literally attacked an American nuclear submarine, approaching it at a distance of about 100-140 meters and making sharp maneuvers, which almost led to a collision. According to sources, six American warships escorting the nuclear submarine could not interfere with the Iranian forces, however, due to the existing threat of detonating the nuclear submarine, fire from a large-caliber machine gun was opened on the Iranian military.

In the video footage presented, you can see the actions of the Iranian fleet against a nuclear submarine and ships of the US Navy, while, despite the criticality of the situation, any direct clashes between Iranian and American forces were avoided, however, the very fact of the vulnerability of the presence of a US nuclear submarine in Persian the Gulf indicates that Washington does not have a real advantage in this region.

It should be noted that this is far from the first incident between Iranian and US forces in the Persian Gulf since the beginning of the year, but each side obviously understands that an escalation of the situation can lead to very serious consequences, and therefore it does not come to clashes.

why did she surface?

This is just the beginning, only more often.