The launch of missiles


Iran launched a large-scale launch of cruise and ballistic missiles amid the emergence of the United States at its borders

The Iranian military fired back with cruise and ballistic missiles against the backdrop of the emergence of the United States near the borders of the Islamic republic.

In connection with the appearance of the American fleet and military aircraft near the Iranian borders, the Iranian military decided to conduct large-scale exercises using its missile weapons. As it turned out, Iran decided to demonstrate its capabilities to the United States and launched a large-scale launch of cruise and ballistic missiles, which got on the video and literally hit the world.

In the video frames presented, you can see large-scale launches of ballistic and cruise missiles, and if you can often see photos processed using computer graphics on the Web, the IRGC did not sink to such a level and worked out a real strike.

According to various estimates, Iran may be armed with up to 20 thousand cruise missiles and about 3 thousand ballistic missiles, which naturally allows the Islamic republic to destroy even many times superior enemy forces, not to mention the fact that none of the existing air defense systems in the world / Missile defense will not be able to repel a simultaneous strike by several hundred, and even more so by thousands of missiles.

Israel will prepare.

Well done, Iran! The Americans can no longer take this country with their "bare hands" and with their "aircraft vessels" - do they not intimidate it ?! The large-scale launch of Iranian missiles showed us this and proved that it is not worth playing "wars" with this country? !!!.

I have already seen this video somewhere.



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