Rocket firing


Iran bombed Ain al-Assad US air base in Iraq

Iran showed the United States who is the main in the region.

The American military base Ain al-Assad, located on the territory of Iraq, was subjected to massive rocket fire using MLRS. According to preliminary data, the Iranian military used rockets of MLRS caliber 122-mm. (presumably we are talking about Russian Grad installations - approx. ed.), while, despite US statements about the absence of material damage, it is known that at least five shells fell on the territory of the American military base, which does not exclude only material damage, but also the presence of injured and even victims among the US military.

It should be clarified that according to the American side, the pro-Iranian military Kataib Hezbollah launcher was destroyed by return fire, however, judging by the previously published photographs, we are talking about a system that does not use 122 mm. missiles, which does not exclude the possibility that, in fact, the Iranian-backed Kataib Hezbollah group successfully attacked an American military base in Iraq.

According to preliminary data, the reason for the attack on the base of the US military is the aggressive actions of the latter against pro-Iranian military forces in Iraq.