Radar Casta


Iran has deployed Russian air defenses in eastern Syria

Russian air defenses are now guarding Iranian positions in eastern Syria.

After a series of repeated attacks by the United States and Israel on Iranian military facilities in Syria, it became known that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps deployed its air defense systems in the eastern part of the SAR.

At the moment, it is known that we are talking at least about the deployment of two radars (according to the source, we are talking about Russian radars), which will allow Iran to receive information at least within a radius of 150 kilometers. Moreover, according to all the same sources, we are talking today about one radar capable of detecting low-flying and "stealth" targets (presumably the "Casta-2E2" radar - editor's note).

Information in this regard is also confirmed by Israeli military sources, which can now significantly complicate Israeli and American strikes on Syrian territory.

“Sources from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Sunday from the western Euphrates region that Iranian revolutionary guards had set up a 'radar' station to detect flights inside the Hashot area, which is the largest gathering area for Iranian forces on the outskirts of the city of Al-Mayadin in the eastern outskirts of Deir province. -ez-Zor. The largest Iranian bases in Syrian territory are located in this area. Military experts with Iranian citizenship monitored the installation of the radar, and also tuned and launched it in the area. It is worth noting that the valley area is strategically important as it sits on a high topographic location overlooking the city of Al-Mayadin and areas controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (Kurds) and US-led coalition forces east of the Euphrates River. "- said in the message.

Tehran does not officially comment on this information. Experts do not exclude that the recent attacks by the Israeli Air Force could well have been unsuccessful precisely due to the use of additional radar equipment, although due to the remoteness of the attack areas and the province of Deir ez-Zor, this is unlikely.

Who writes the headlines so crookedly - "Iran has deployed Russian air defenses in ..
One might inadvertently think that the Persians are in command of Russian air defense (and not Russian-made air defense). The headline that the Kaliningrad region came under NATO attack - where, when and why did they not hit the Brussels in response?