Iran arbitrarily stole the idea of ​​Russian Kalibr-K missiles

Iran liked the Russian Caliber-K complexes and Tehran decided to steal them.

After a little earlier the news agency reported about the likely sale of Russian Kalibr-K missile systems to Iran, transported in special sea containers for camouflage, it became known that Tehran was so pleased with the Russian idea with these weapons that they decided to simply steal it without permission.

“As soon as Iran announced it would equip the containerized version of the Fateh-110, Jane's magazine said it was not difficult to recognize the supernatural similarity between this special Iranian version and Russia's Caliber-K system. The only difference is that while the Russian Caliber-K is armed with cruise missiles, the Iranian container version hid it inside the Fateh-110 short-range ballistic missile. ", - said in the message of the "Soha" publication.

In fact, the emergence of such missile systems in service with the Islamic republic means that a deal between Russia and Iran on the purchase of Russian Kalibr-K systems will not take place, although Russian cruise missiles are significantly superior to Iranian designs.

Shoes are sewn from leather in Italy and Germany, but if another country sews shoes - what is "theft"? :))
Only if the shoes are exactly the same in model, and even with the name of the Brand ... :))
So the Rockets, they all have an oblong shape with a sharp nose, often with stabilizers, but inside they have no resemblance.

I stole it without permission.
And you can not steal without permission?

If our leadership does not have enough brains, and they sell their advanced weapons to their obvious enemies who are killing our military in Syria and Libya, we should not blame the Iranians, who are also our potential opponents, for stealing our military ideas.
About the Chinese in general - no words.

The container is a container, why steal it?



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