Shot down a drone


Iran shot down an American drone with a direct hit at ultra-low altitude. Video

Iran published footage of the destruction of the American drone.

The Iranian military published video frames showing the moment of destruction of the American (according to updated data - approx. Ed.) Reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle that violated the country's airspace.

As you can see in the video, the unmanned aerial vehicle was destroyed at an extremely low altitude, and this is a direct hit by an Iranian anti-aircraft guided missile.

Nevertheless, experts pay attention to the fact that, contrary to the initial statements of the Iranian side, the drone almost came close to the deployment site of the Iranian air defense system, as evidenced by the video frames on which the rocket hits the drone for only four seconds.

What specific drone is in question is not reported, however, given the flight at extremely low altitude, it is obviously a small drone, and not a strategic unmanned aerial vehicle MQ-4 Triton, as sources initially reported.

Among other things, representatives of the US military command completely refuted the information about the loss of their drone, which in the absence of information from Tehran raises a lot of questions.