Iran accidentally blew up its own aircraft carrier during exercises

The Iranian military accidentally blew up its own aircraft carrier during a training exercise.

The exercises conducted by Iran in the Strait of Hormuz ended for the Islamic republic with a very serious problem - as a result of a cruise missile hitting the waterline area launched by an attack drone, the model of an aircraft carrier, created by Iran for several years, began to sink - it is now impossible to save this unique structure.

“A model of an American aircraft carrier of the Nimitz class, created in Iran for military exercises, sank in the Strait of Hormuz. He sank during transportation to the port. The publication publishes a photo from orbit, posted on Twitter by Aurora Intel. The satellite image shows that the ship lay on its side near the port of Bandar Abbas. It is reported that the depth of the sea in this place reaches 14 meters ", - about it сообщает Russian edition "".

During the exercise, the already drowned model of an aircraft carrier of the US Navy was used by the Iranian army to practice real opposition to the American fleet, and although modern Iranian weapons were not used to defeat the model of an aircraft carrier, and we are talking about ballistic missiles, the same hit by a cruise missile almost certainly caused would be very serious damage to the ship.

It should be clarified that the Iranian exercises became a reason for indignation on the part of Washington, which may be due to the fact that Iran, in fact, revealed ways to combat American aircraft carriers, thereby throwing Washington a very serious choice.