Iran blamed the downed Ukrainian plane for the shortcomings of the Russian air defense system

In Iran, they decided to blame the downed Ukrainian plane for the flaws of the Russian Tor air defense systems.

The Iranian authorities fully recognized their responsibility for the Ukrainian passenger airliner shot down several months ago in the sky over Tehran, however, quite unexpectedly, they expressed the opinion that tragedies could have been avoided if the Russian air defense system had provided for a local self-orientation system.

The Iranian Civil Aviation Organization has published an updated report informing that the reason for the defeat of the Ukrainian civilian aircraft was the lack of opportunity in the Russian Tor air defense systems to adapt to the current geographical coordinates and the direction of the cardinal points. For this reason, the operator initialized the civilian airliner as a military aircraft, and as a result opened fire, firing two anti-aircraft missiles.

In fact, Iran emphasizes that the Tor air defense missile system is deprived of the ability to automatically determine the direction, although the main cause of the accident was the erroneous actions of the air defense system operator, who simply ignored the important procedure when moving the complex from one position to another - he could not know about it .