Iran destroyed an Israeli ship in the port of Dubai

As a result of the strike on an Israeli ship in the port of Dubai, the explosion could be seen tens of kilometers away.

Around midnight, in the port of Jebel Ali, a powerful explosion thundered. As it turned out, the explosion took place on board an Israeli vessel, which was attacked by the Iranian military with a cruise missile. The explosion turned out to be so powerful that it could be seen from a distance of several tens of kilometers. According to various sources, both weapons and oil could be on board the Israeli sea vessel and, judging by the first video footage from the scene, the ship was completely destroyed, and the port infrastructure was critically damaged.



There is information about both the victims and the victims. So far, there are no official comments on this from the country's authorities, as well as the version that the ship was attacked by a missile strike has not been confirmed.

As follows from the information provided by the columnist for the Syrian Army Arab News, the Israeli ship entered the port a day before the explosion, and, apparently, we are talking about the very Israeli ship that was attacked two days ago in the Indian Ocean.

Something I have never heard of Syrian Army Arab News and have not found its website anywhere !!
You have to lie so that you believe.

With a nuclear bomb? )))

The Israeli navy has ships, either military or civilian. Which can ALWAYS repel an attack. A ship and a ship in a hospital.

Author, you would have decided: it was a ship or a ship. These are two big differences.

No media writes that this is an Israeli ship. So don't lie.

And the news says that a container on a container ship exploded.