Iran, following Russia, wants to build a naval base in Sudan

Iranian authorities have attempted to conclude an agreement with Sudan on the construction of a naval base on the shores of the Red Sea, which became known from a report by The Wall Street Journal. An intelligence adviser to Sudan's military leader, Ahmad Hassan Mohamed, revealed that during the country's internal conflict between the armed forces and the rapid reaction forces, Tehran offered military equipment, including drones and a helicopter carrier, in exchange for agreeing to establish a base. The base would give Iran the ability to control maritime traffic through the Suez Canal, including ships heading to and from Israeli ports.

Sudan rejected the offer, seeking to avoid a deterioration in relations with the United States and Israel, with which it was actively restoring ties at that time. Iran's attempt to bolster its strategic presence in a region key to Tehran's regional rivals Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia reflects growing geopolitical tensions in the Red Sea.

The conflict between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Reaction Force has attracted the attention of regional powers seeking to expand their influence in strategically important Sudan. Egypt and the United Arab Emirates have stepped up military support for the warring parties, supplying drones and other military equipment, further complicating the domestic situation and highlighting the international dimension of the Sudanese crisis.


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