Iranian army


Iran stood up for Armenia and for Aliyev the situation becomes deplorable

Iran announced its intentions to support Armenia and began the transfer of tanks and artillery.

The Iranian Defense Ministry has begun an emergency transfer of its artillery and heavy armored equipment to the border with Azerbaijan, preparing, if such a need arises, to support Armenia. At the moment, it is known about the transfer to the borders of Azerbaijan at least two dozen field howitzers and three dozen T-72 tanks.

One of the reasons for such actions on the part of Tehran is the fact that the Azerbaijani military has attacked Iranian settlements and cities located near the border of Azerbaijan over the past few days. The transfer of military equipment will be a call for Baku to abandon any ideas to attack Iranian territory, and in this regard, Iran is significantly superior to the neighboring state.

In the presented footage, you can see the process of transferring Iranian military equipment to the borders of Azerbaijan, while there is also some data on the deployment of medium-range air defense systems in this direction in case Baku uses combat aviation.

At the moment, the Iranian military is not taking any military action against Baku, however, in the event of the slightest escalation of the situation, they will be ready to "clean up" the territory at a distance of several tens of kilometers, which, according to some reports, Baku was warned about. Moreover, Iran is loyal to Armenia and is ready to provide assistance to the latter if Yerevan applies for it.

And it is inevitable, for a long time

When Russia was not in Transcaucasia, there were constant wars.
When Transcaucasia became part of Russia, the wars in Transcaucasia stopped, the people breathed a sigh of relief.
When Russia left Transcaucasia, wars began again - South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Karabakh, Georgia, Armenia, etc.

When Russia said its word - South Ossetia, Abkhazia, the wars in these territories stopped.

It is necessary for Karabakh to become a part of Russia, then the subject of the military conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan will disappear and peace will come.

Iran will never get into a war over Armenia.
Iran is worried about itself and nothing more.

The Red Army did not expel or slaughter the Armenians! The Red Army fought against the Dashnaks - nationalists of Armenian origin, which Armenia also fought against! The Red Army mainly consisted of ethnic Russians for whom, in principle, the concept of slaughter is unacceptable!

How is Azerbaijan closer to you? By cutting out the peaceful Armenian population of the city of Sumgait in 1988 and the city of Baku in 1990?

David, you are 100% right, only the people living on this land have the right to this land !!!

I don't know, the position of Azerbaijan is closer to me. I am less sympathetic to the Armenians in this situation.

That's right, some have forgotten about the Russian plane and whose deceased pilot was cynically shot in the air, Armenia is the shield of the Christian world, which does not allow the idea of ​​Pan-Turkism to be realized, first study this idea ... Wake up Christians of the world ...

Back to the country of the Soviets, where friendship of peoples and mutual development about the enrichment of culture

Azerbaijan handed over to Israel an airfield on its territory and the Israelis use it as a jump airfield to visit Iran

E. Aliyev correctly said that negotiations are possible only after the transfer of the occupied lands to Azerbaijan. Nobody negotiates with the invaders and militants. And in Iran there are 3 times more Azerbaijanis than in Azerbaijan. What kind of war? Equally, if we start military operations against Belarus. Pashinyan surrounded himself with Sorosites, worships the fascist Garegin Nzhdeh. And Russia sells weapons to most countries, if you don't want it, don't take it. Belarus with "polonaise", Turks, Israel also succeeded here.

Yes, it's just that Armenia has nowhere to go, so she stuck to Russia, the Armenians just know what will happen to them if they betray Russia

Dear historian, I'm too lazy to read your story, if it's not difficult to answer, why did the Transcaucasian men and the Red Army expel and massacre Armenians? It's so easy, after all, no one will do that, there was a reason, tell everyone, just do not distort the story.

It's funny to write such fake articles and then read your comments. First, Iran officially announced that it fully supports Azerbaijan and its territorial integrity. The fact that Iran sympathizes with Armenia does not mean that it will officially help him! Will not dare! The largest province of Iran is South Azerbaijan, and by the way, it is it that adjoins the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan. If Iran starts a war with Azerbaijan, it is not a fact that the inhabitants of southern Azerbaijan will not raise a riot, and there may even be a talk before unification! If Iran recognizes Armenia as right, then a precedent may be created not in favor of Iran itself. And at the expense of the troops accumulated on the border, I think these are purely defensive measures, so that the hostilities would not accidentally go over to the side of Iran. And Azerbaijan never attacked the territory of Iran, it was an accident and Iran knows it. And our Russian "brothers" immediately take advantage of the situation to charm the Azeri in comments. What have we done to you that you hate us so much? What kind of chauvinism? There are a lot of Russians living in Azerbaijan and we love and respect them, and I have never heard that your favorite "come in large numbers" would sound here. What has Turkey done to you? You come to have a cheap rest, eat, drink, relax, shop, the Turks adore you and still sound in the comments, the Turks are insolent! Europe hates and despises Russia, but Russians still scold the Turks! When I read Armenian comments about Russians, I don't understand at all How can Russians in general be on the side of Armenians? They are traitors! And how a stronger ally appeared (So it seems to them) - everything! Russia did nothing to us, never helped us! We are all ourselves! You will see after a while they will also claim your lands, because this is all Great Armenia! Tigran the Great founded Great Small South Armenia in the Krasnodar Territory! Funny? Not coming soon ...

offer to fight with all --- on their territory ????

Does it make sense to send weapons to both conflicting countries ?, if such a theory is adhered to, then the war will exist constantly and a mountainous relief will arise with the deposition of remains in the form of soil fertilization ...

Yes, exactly, call the Kremlin and demand that the Russian Federation withdraw from the CSTO agreement))) OU, or demand that Armenia be deleted from the CSTO)))

Well, how could they not betray, you have a short memory, your not old speeches under what slogans did you pass ?! And when did Russia betray you interesting? As one Armenian told me, being the deputy for armament of the Echmiadzin regiment, "If it were not for Russia, there would be nothing left of little Armenia"

You speak the truth, Nealexander. Your words and all Russians in the ears. In general, one must live according to popular wisdom: "Your shirt is closer to your body."

The Armenians themselves are to blame that this war began, they wanted to go to Europe, played with the USA, and now they got what was supposed to happen ...

This is a provocation to draw Russia into the war, where ears with horns are hidden behind Pashinyan.

Well, what does Armenia have to do with it?

Tanks are ineffective in modern combat. Drones gunners will help you destroy all tanks without any problems. Saddam had more than 3000 tanks, the enemies destroyed all the tanks in three days, but they themselves did not lose anything. Rockets will destroy all military equipment without difficulty.

Zhirinovsky said the same today. It also seems to me that it should be so.

Ay yes Iranians. It seems they will lead to reconciliation faster than the West and Russia, with their own negotiations.
And the best thing is to give autonomy to Karabakh, and neither one nor the other should go there.

how many are Israel and Palestine fighting ??? and this despite the fact that as they say it is almost genetically, one people, but some have branched off and went to Islam ... and Azerbaijan and Armenia, will fight forever, until complete destruction .. they
not genetically related peoples ..

Why does Iran need strong Azerbaijan. Iran has enough Azerbaijanis. If Azerbaijan is able to solve the Karabakh issue by military means (although this option is unlikely), Iranian Azerbaijan's turn will come. That is why Tehran has helped, is helping and will continue to help Armenia. Religion has nothing to do with it. Russians and Ukrainians are also Orthodox, however, they are at war with each other. The Kyrgyz and the Uzbeks are also Muslims at the same time. Although Iranian Azerbaijanis as trained people do not oppose their masters!

Don't panic and don't mislead people! If Iran provides such assistance, it will only happen at the behest of the GDP, without its go-ahead this will not happen.
And if Russia itself has not entered the conflict in full view, this does not mean that measures have not been taken, there are many levers of pressure and the Turks and Azeris know this very well.

In order to prevent the strengthening of Turkey in the region, why else

Russia, like Ivanushka the fool, most of all needs and will help everyone free of charge, take a piece from its people and give it away, but how to share a pie while goodbyes

sheer nonsense and Iran and Azerbaijan are two Muslim countries of the Shiite trend, and around the Sunnis, that is, the countries of the other trend have always competed, to put it mildly, and Iran to intercede for Armenia? to lose their Shiite country and so 4 countries around are enemies for their flow

its own population is already spitting on Russia, what are you talking about? It's one thing to tell the truth, and another thing to betray, and Armenia did not betray the Russian Federation, which cannot be said about Russia, not even from history, but now ......!

And what about Russia, should it automatically get into a showdown, risk its investments? Maybe that's what it's designed for? Armenia has contacted the United States, so let them protect them. Well, if it really comes to a massacre, then you have to intervene, but on request. In the meantime, there is time for a reaction.

There are many rich Armenians around the world. Let them fork out.

If you personally have a small guts, then do not translate this to the whole country. For everything that we build or deliver to them, they will pay for everything. When you take a loan from a bank, do you pay it off or the bank itself? You don't even know elementary things. Turkey has already lost to Russia in Syria, if it misbehaves, it will lose again in Karabakh.

How to explain to our compatriots that there is no need to go to the resorts of Turkey and be sold for "all inclusive", without our tourists (taking out the money there) they will be sad.
Why buy hydroponically grown greenhouse vegetables from the Turks, let them "eat" themselves. Turks they are Turks.

Our country has a thin gut. There is money in Turkey. We are building a nuclear power plant for them on credit, South Stream is empty. C 400 was not paid for. The oligarchs' money makes Russia a helpless puppy.

Europe and the United States also have a grudge against Turkey. + Jews do not like Turks with Kurds and Syria. And Turkey has long climbed into the Caucasus, so the Turks are guilty here.

Both Armenia and Azerbaijan drove a barrel to Russia, there is nothing for it to do there, but if Iran fits in for Armenia, it is very interesting, and Iran does not care about the sanctions, it is under them as long as I can remember

before you spank nonsense, deign to read history, the red force of the Russian weapon and with the support of the Transcaucasian Muslims slaughtered the Armenians by thousands, expelling them from the primordial Armenian lands, it was then that the people's liberation movement Dashnaktsutyun appeared, which fought to death with the Bolsheviks

Armenian disinformation. Iran knows what it risks, it will never fight with Azerbaijan. It's not even that someone will win or not. Swearing is one thing, and fighting is another. Iran will not risk it.

You think right.

Soviet borders cannot be the basis for the delimitation of territories in the presence of disagreements. The Curzon principle should be applied: by ethnic predominance in disputed lands. The only thing is to agree on the date for which the population is taken into account: 1991 or another.

According to the agreement of the results of the Russian-Persian wars, Karabakh is the territory of Russia, like Crimea, a change in the status of territories (transfer to other states automatically entails Iran and Turkey to the legal annexation of these lands to themselves), therefore these lands can only belong to Russia.

Iran on the one hand, Turkey on the other, Russia in the middle. Something tells me that things are going to the third world.

Nagorno-Karabakh-Republic of Artsakh is not a suitcase, not an empty piece of land. The aborigines of these places live here. And this is their land. Not Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iran, Turkey or Russia, but those who have lived here for the past thousand years. These people must be respected and their choices taken into account. Any other action, to declare Baku that this is its land is fascism and aggression.

People will die, they will hate each other even more.

Russia owes nothing to anyone. Zadolbali is already an older brother, a Christian brother, a good neighbor, etc. and as help is needed from them, so at once are independent and sovereign. Russia should stand aside, supply weapons to both and not allow third countries to intervene in the conflict. Russia has an interest in cooperating with both, but not fighting for one of them, so we wish victory to both sides and wait - this is the only correct position.

Gentlemen! What are Yaroslavna crying about? Look for the truth. There was peace at a time when there were no borders between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and it was worth dividing, without war it is not possible. There is only one way to establish peace in the Transcaucasian land - unite the best and get rid of the worst - but this is not about modern Azerbaijan and Armenia.

And respect to you Alexander, for the correct words and sentences !!!

Not under Pashinyan, but before, the Armenians fully agreed to return "occupied Azerbaijan", provided that the Lachin corridor was preserved and there were no troops there. Nakhchivan was separated from "continental" Azerbaijan by Armenia, but there are two alternatives - Iran and Turkey. Artsakh-Karabakh There are no other options. It is dangerous to be autonomous within Azerbaijan - the arrival after Mutalibov and two "weekly laying" of Elchibey proved - the tsar has changed, go away and the kennel. inside Armenia and Karabakh. And the Armenians, too, know how to be animals.

Azerbaijan is fighting for its territory. If Nagorno-Karabakh is a disputed territory, then in addition to it, another 7 (!) Regions of Azerbaijan (and this is recognized by the Armenians themselves) are under Armenian occupation.

For their Land, given by the Bolsheviks to Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Iran divided Azerbaijan and now it’s reunited and it helps Armenia for that, and even if the Karayats in Azerbaijan lived well, they made this mess

This will be the last thing that Iran will do, the west is sharpening its teeth on Iran, I am not talking about Turkey yet, which will immediately declare war on Iran

The Azerbaijani-Turkish aggression against Artsakh with the participation of terrorists-mujahideen from Syria must be immediately stopped with the participation of Russia as well. Firstly, it is necessary to prevent the appearance of terrorists near our borders, and secondly, it is high time to put Turkey in its place, and not to forget about its constant dirty tricks against our country, including the downed Russian plane. And respect to Iran for its principled position.

Why are you fighting for you and so was the war in 90