Iran fired 7 Fattah hypersonic missiles at Israel

Last night at around 23:00 Iranian time, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) launched a retaliatory operation against Israel. As part of the ongoing operations, four waves of drone attacks were carried out. According to the IRGC press service, the attack included the launch of a series of cruise and ballistic missiles, accompanied by drone and missile strikes from Axis Resistance groups from Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon.

The ballistic missiles used were the Kheibar Shekan type, which are medium-range solid-fuel missiles. These missiles are capable of covering a distance of 1450 km and are equipped with a half-ton warhead. They are distinguished by high maneuverability in the final stage of flight.

In addition, Fattah hypersonic missiles were used, as reported by US military expert Scott Ritter. According to him, at least seven such missiles hit the Nevatim airbase, while not one of them was intercepted by Israeli air defense systems.

However, according to Israeli sources, none of the launched hypersonic missiles reached Israeli territory. In support of this, footage was provided of the interception of at least one hypersonic missile outside the atmosphere, raising doubts about Ritter's claim.


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