Iran seized four oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman in an hour and a half, blowing up three of them

Four oil tankers are hijacked by the Iranian military in the Gulf of Oman.

The previous evening, the Iranian military conducted a special operation, during which they managed to seize four oil tankers at once, of which at least three were blown up by unknown mines. It is not known what exactly these attacks on civilian ships are connected with, but the situation in the region is heating up very quickly.

The Iranian military initially hijacked the Asphalt Princess oil tanker. The captain of the ship sent a distress signal, but the Iranian military managed to bring the tanker into the territorial waters of the Islamic Republic. Some time later, the tanker "Golden Brilliant" was blown up by a mine: it partially lost control, and later it became known that it was also captured by the Iranian security forces. Moreover, it is reported that two more oil tankers were blown up in approximately the same area. Communication with the crew is currently absent.

Shortly before that, Iran attacked an Israeli tanker with two attack drones in response to an attempt to attack the Iranian military in Syria.

Nevertheless, experts do not exclude that it may well go about a special provocation prepared by the Israeli side in order to gain the right to attack Iran and involve such partners as the UK and the United States in this. Moreover, apparently, an attack by Israel is quite possible within the next few hours, since earlier reconnaissance aircraft were noticed near the borders of the Islamic republic.

Is it possible to read ALL COMMENTS?

"the tanker" Golden Brilliant "was blown up by a mine: it partially lost control ..." Is his steering wheel jammed? Or lost the screws? Then the mine fell in the stern !?

If there was a provocation, it was the Russians, they cannot resist the Iranians in Syria ... it already happened.