Complex Bavar-373


Iran thought about buying Russian S-400, after Iranian "analogue" turned out to be useless

Iran intends to reconsider the acquisition of Russian S-400 air defense systems due to the futility of its "best counterparts".

After Israeli planes launched several air strikes on Iranian forces in Syria, and Iranian Bavar-373 complexes deployed here demonstrated the inability to detect and engage air targets, Tehran again thought about acquiring Russian S-400 complexes. Earlier it was assumed that the Iranian Bavar-373 could show better results than the "Triumphs", but these air defense systems did not shoot down a single missile or aircraft.

Since the appearance of data on the deployment of Iranian air defense systems in Syria, at least 20 strikes have been inflicted on the positions of the IRGC in the Arab republic, however, none of them was repelled by Iranian air defense systems. Considering the fact that the IDF was, in fact, a pinpoint strike, in the event of massive strikes, Iranian air defense systems will have no chance of repelling an attack at all, and therefore, Tehran is again discussing the possibility of acquiring S-400 complexes.

Experts say that by spending several billions, Iran will be able to guarantee itself protection, while it will be known in advance whether fighters and bombers of the US Air Force are near the Iranian borders, and with a certain deployment of radar, Iran will also know about the situation on their military bases in eastern Syria.

"His example to others is science. But my God, what a boredom ...." something to trust the Persians and Ottomans.

I wonder what is more useless our or Iranian