Hammer Blows


Iran is suspected of attacking Russian Hmeimim airbase

Iranian Sunnis participated in the attack on the Russian military air base.

This afternoon it became known that the Iranian Sunnis, howling against the government forces of Syria, could well have taken part in the attack on the Russian military airbase Hmeymim. Information about this appeared after photos with Iranian Sunnis were published on the Web, which also reported on the use of the MLRS, but later the comment to the photos was removed.

At the moment, Iran has not made any official comments on this matter, but earlier it was reported that the Iranian military was detained in the Tartus area, collecting data on the Russian military airbase Khmeymim, including by radio interception of Russian military .

According to unconfirmed reports, to date in the territory of Syria there may be several hundred Iranian Sunnis fighting the Syrian government forces. The areas of their location are different, but this mainly refers to the front line in the provinces of Hama and Idlib.

This is idiocy ... You, comrades, decide who you should blame specifically. or blame everyone and all of your work?

so who exactly? A couple of days ago they wrote pro-Turkish formations. The only thing to conclude is that there is no faith in our allies.